In order to make perfectly fitting aligners, our dental team needs to see every little detail of your natural teeth and gumline. 

The most common impression errors are:

1. Impressions were not deep enough. This means that your teeth were not fully enveloped by putty and/or your gum line didn't show enough. 

2. Your impressions were not deep enough because you took too long to get the putty into the tray and your teeth into the putty. Once the putty starts to harden, you can't sink your teeth deeply enough. 

3. Your teeth weren't centered well in the tray, and the putty ended up too thin in places, and/or your teeth went through to the plastic tray or didn't capture the gums. This often happens at the front of the tray. 

4. The back molars were not captured. Make sure your putty goes to the end of the tray and you push deeply and evenly on all sided and parts of the trays. 

4. Some people forget to to take out any permanent retainers. You can't have anything in your mouth that doesn't naturally belong there.

If you're not sure about any part of the process - call or chat with us first. We're here to help!