The impression kit fee is paid to our dental lab partners who evaluate your photos and impressions and create your treatment plan. If the dental team believes that given your photos and/or impressions, that they cannot create an attractive, healthy smile with significantly straighter teeth using invisible aligners, then they will determine you 'not a good candidate'. In this case we will refund your impression evaluation fee. 

If you are a good candidate, our dental team creates the 3-D before and after images of your mouth. If you do not like your treatment plan, please contact our customer support team. Depending on the issue, our dental team may be able to tweak your treatment plan to your liking. 

There are cases, however, where your smile can be improved significantly using invisible aligners, but not in the same way as with more traditional, in-office treatment (which might require tooth extraction, tooth filing, elastic bands, metal brackets, etc. to achieve these results). This does not mean you are not a good candidate for our aligners. 

Some customers decide that they would rather go with a different, or traditional treatment, or to forego treatment altogether. Therefore, in these cases where you are deemed a good candidate, and a treatment plan has been created, the impression evaluation kit fee is not refundable.