Our aligners are scalloped and are designed to fit snugly on your teeth. The edges of the aligners usually do not touch your gums. However, everyone's mouth, teeth and treatment is unique. Occasionally some of our customers find that the aligners touch their gums or other tissue in a way that irritates. Usually this situation is temporary as teeth shift positions, and the problem can be alleviated by filing the aligners on the trouble spots. If you are experiencing irritation, please take out the aligners and file the offending spot as soon as possible using a regular emory board (aka nail file). 

(If you waited too long and it's sore, you may consider taking the aligners out for a day to let your mouth heal, before inserting your newly adjusted aligner). Note that aligners are pretty tough - so it may take more than a few minutes to get the trays filed down to where you want them to be. Just file a little, try then on, and if more filing is needed, file some more, try them on again... You get the picture. 

Remember, if you need help, our customer service experts are always happy to help.