Every case is a bit different. It is possible that some people's teeth move a bit faster or slower than others. However, we like to be conservative and tell everyone to change their aligners every two weeks. Why? Because it's best to give your teeth a chance to move, and your tissues, bones and roots a chance to get used to their new position. This makes the whole process more comfortable and and also as safe as possible. Your tissue needs time to adapt to the change, the newly created spaces need time to adjust and the bone and tissue needs to grow in. We know you can't wait to have that great new smile - but as they say: good things come to those who wait! Do they still say that? Well, sometimes it's really true. :-) . Therefore we suggest you stick to the plan. Sometimes you may need to change aligners faster or sometimes slower - it not only depends on the person, but even on what step you are on. Every step moves the teeth a little differently, and some weeks your teeth may feel like moving more than others. If you have questions during the process, feel free to contact us.