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How do I make a good impression?

Making a good impression can be tricky. The most important thing is to REALLY read the Impression Guide carefully and to PRACTICE placing the trays in your mouth before doing it with the putty. 

1- make sure you try out the trays. Make sure they fit. Fitting means that your teeth fit inside the trays without your teeth touching the sides. You should be able to wiggle the trays side to side, back and forth and feel some room. If they touch the sides, then you may need larger trays. STOP here and don't try it with putty. CALL US and we will send you larger trays.  For some people with small jaws, the trays do not fit because they need smaller trays. STOP here and don't try it with putty. CALL US for smaller trays. We will ship these to you for free.

2- read the IMPRESSION TIPS -  REFRIGERATING your putty at least 30 minutes before doing your impressions makes the process easier.

3- read the IMPRESSION TIPS -  Make sure you put the PUTTY into the tray, filling it to the FRONT as pictured, and also sloping down all the way to the end. 

4- PRACTICE the process mentally until you are familiar and comfortable that you can do it well. ONLY THEN should you use the putty. 

5- ANY DOUBTS? QUESTIONS? CALL or EMAIL or CHAT with us before doing your impressions. 

We're here to help and want to make sure you get make impressions the first time you try.